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Highlights of our service

  • Giving reach to our client’s consignments across our predefined networks.
  • We accept all kinds & sizes of cargo irrespective of weight & volume (except the prohibited ones).
  • We move all sorts of cargo with utmost care, safety and ease.
  • A professional and a unique express service.
  • Flexible customer centric door-to-door expedited services.
  • We strive to deliver 100% net service level.
  • Cost-effective pre-scheduled services.
  • All Express Services under one roof.
  • Risk coverage of the goods through Marine Insurance Policy
  • Inventory management for keeping a check on stocks.
  • Integrated transportation facilities for all kind of goods till the end user.
  • Reverse logistics for all goods to be returned back from vendors.
  • TAPA standards for securing and safeguarding the warehouses.
  • Value added services for planning and optimizing the logistics costing.
  • WMS for managing and being connected with your goods at warehouse.

Service Offered

With our experience of over four decades in this core activity, we provide

  • Single window solution for all transportation requirements.
  • Booking all types of goods in different shapes and packing, from light, bulky to heavy except perishables, black powder, banned /     prohibited articles and of non-vegetarian nature.
  • Pickup and delivery facility for as small as 10 kgs parcel on available network.
  • Next Day delivery service on select routes.
  • Predefined routes and transit time between booking and delivery branches. Best in industry record for end to end service leve     achievements.
  • Full trucks available for any destination in India, service through the owned and registered vendor network.
  • Online pickup requests.
  • Prompt Customer Service support.
  • Systems based dispatch schedule and fixed route operations.
  • Secured, weatherproof godowns and containerized vehicles for safer delivery.
  • Centralized single point billing support.
  • Key Accounts Management.
  • Computerized environment with Digitalized customer interface documents.
  • Safe, reliable, efficient and fast services offering peace of mind.
  • Special contract terms based on assured monthly business with customized MIS.

Value Added Services

Customized operations designed as per client business needs. Ability to provide solutions for raw material, finished goods and secondary transportation requirements of any client across our predefined networks.

  • Peace of mind with industry's first only Marine Transit Insurance coverage.
  • Draft on delivery facility (DOD), Delivery against Consignee Copy (DACC).
  • Proof of Delivery (POD).
  • Customized MIS Reports.
  • Centralized Billing facility.
  • Customized periodical MIS.
  • Real-time information updates using SMS and E-Mail.
  • Acceptence of online payment.