1. All the consignments are carried entirely at owner’s risk.
  2. (TOPAY) Freight & if any other amount paid as taxes & changes will be collected from the consignee at the time of delivery.
  3. Consignor must indicate the actual and correct nature of contents.
  4. Consignor is liable for all consequences arising out of incorrect declaration of the consignment.
  5. Consignor must provide all the necessary documents as required for the transhipments of the consignment.
  6. Jewellery, currency & contraband article, restricted by statutory law and acts are strictly not allowed & accepted by us. The Company is not responsible in the event of the goods being detained or seized or confiscated by appreciate Government Authorities. If such articles are enclosed without our information no claim shall be entertained for such articles.
  7. The Company is not responsible for the contents of the package are delivered in same apparent condition in which they are tendered for dispatched by consignor.
  8. Under any circumstances the company will not be responsible /liable for any delay, loss, theft, breakage or damage due to act of goods, weather conditions, accident, fire, explosion or man-maid calamities, riots, strikes or any situation beyond the control. During the transits or at the warehouse were the goods are stored. However provided all reasonable precautions are taken to provide against such condition.
  9. In case of loss, theft, damage/ breakage & mishandling of booked consignment maximum liability of company will be Rs. 2000/- (Two Thousand only).
  10. The Company reserves the right to entrust the goods to of any other carrier or service provider & will be at full liberty tranship the goods from one vehicle to another vehicle at the company’s option does not guarantee delivery within any specified time. And the company will not be liable for any delay, damage of loss during its transit & consignor also guarantees payment of correct charges and advance.
  11. No enquiries, complaints, claims etc., shall be entertained by company after expiry of 30 days from the date of the booking of consignment.
  12. This arrangement does not create any right which is covered under any carries act, transfer of goods act or other act time being enforced at the time of dispute.
  13. Subject to Rajkot Jurisdiction.